Ref Magnet..ready for packing ?

Posted by Maquisartandprints on Wednesday, July 15, 2020

All About Fridge Magnets: The Goodies

People find Fridge Magnets very useful, here’s why?

Aside from being one of the most popular souvenir, they are also extremely useful for sticking important notes and to-do lists on your fridge door. You can also have them attached to any metallic surfaces inside your house or office that you usually check on a daily basis. You can also add value to fridge magnets by including relevant information: local emergency numbers.

Some magnets isn’t bad for our fridge

A magnet like ferrite magnets is not bad for our fridge. A refrigerator magnet is made of powdered ferrite and a liquid binding agent of plastic or rubber. The two are heated, mixed together, and poured into a sheet mold which is then exposed to a strong magnetic field. So this magnet is made for this specific purpose and doesn’t have the force or power to damage your fridge or to have any effect on its functions.

Fridge magnets target market for your business

You can sell them out with the personal touch of your clients for a specific event that will serve as a gift or souvenir. You can also save money if you avoid giving your personalized fridge magnets to wrong people. Creating a well-targeted mailing list and promotional giveaways provide perfect opportunities to put your magnets in the right hands. In this way you can advertise your business and might reach new homeowners or office workers to avail your services.

Simple and Speedy Distribution

Fridge Magnets are very easy to distribute. You can easily hand them out directly or pack them with your shipments. Details included on your fridge magnet is very essential for customers doesn’t need to search in their phones or looking online for your phone number, official website or business address if they plan to order more.