Quick Tips In Choosing A Design For Mugs

Personalized mugs are one among the best giveaways nowadays. It really makes an impression as to the current mood for the day. Having an inspirational message most likely keeps people moving forward on whatever they’re doing for the rest of the day.

A. Make your mug unique

In designing custom mugs, one can choose a specific quote that the user can relate. Since people love so much to be inspired, we can add this quote as an example “You are the designer of your own destiny”.

B. Choose a mug that’s a bit larger

Larger mugs doesn’t only provide more space for large designs, they also let you stir something in it without wasting a single drop. You can also hold a larger mug firmly than smaller mugs.

C. Spend less by limiting your color choices

It doesn’t take a lot of colors to make it attractive. There are also other customized mugs that still looked great and not that expensive.

D. Adding something hilarious

Overly serious design is boring sometimes. Consider adding something hilarious on your design that could also brighten up the day.

E. Quality matters other than quantity

It is indeed, not all mugs are created equally when we talk about quality. Expect that cheaper mugs doesn’t last that long. So don’t settle quantity over quality. Buy a good mug for your DIY gifts.

F. Vital role of wrapping gifts

There should be an emphasis that the way we wrap our gifts adds an impact to it. Good packing boosts up the interest and/or excitement of the recipient.