Starter Guide In Making Invitations

Assuming you’ve set everything ready except your personalized invitation card. With thorough planning and keen eyes to details, you can learn how to make your own invitations without any design knowledge. Here’s one of our finished product here in Maquis Art and Prints:

Continue reading to learn some tips to make personalized invitations, cards, and save the dates for any occasion.

Early Designing

It really takes some time to design. Better avoid working on near deadlines by simply starting up your invitation designs as early as possible. Give yourself enough time to think about the outline such as: layout, typography, illustration, and color schemes.

Working Out Color Schemes

Color Schemes is one of the things you should consider regarding the aspects of a design. Learn to know how different colors pair together to create an adorable color combination. Don’t just apply colors randomly.

Consider Trying Predesigned Templates

Pre-designed Templates can help you jump start your design especially when you don’t have any design knowledge or in situations that you need things to be done as soon as possible.

Classic Fonts Usage

There are tons of fonts styles to choose from. Don’t get too font-happy. Typography prevents confusion in communicating the details of your event. Use fewer fonts to keep things legible. With the correct font style boosts more effectiveness in setting the right tone of the invitation without overwhelming the reader.

Remain Consistent

A consistent theme must be used in an invitation that consists of multiple parts, such as a wedding invitation. Use an established and consistent color palette, typeface, illustration, photography, and layout throughout all designs.

Stylish Packaging

Stylish Packing of invitations such as wedding invites, usually contain more than just a single card. The packing needs to complement the invitation design and not the other way around. Think through how the outer packaging combines with the contents. 

Use High-Quality Paper

The paper you used to print your invitation should not be taken for granted or reduced to a very low quality one. It is just as important as the design. There are many types of paper to choose from nowadays. Invitations are usually printed on a smooth cardstock paper but it’s really up to you on what paper you wanted to use.

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